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YOU deserve Health, Fitness, and Fun
Learn Tai Chi at Home
Worried? 'Trapped' by matters outside your control? Feeling a bit 'low'?

You deserve to be fit, well, and happy, both now and in the future. Join the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy and YOU can learn Tai Chi, gentle exercise to keep you fit, relaxation methods to destress and revitalise you, and much more - and all from the comfort of your own home!
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Some of the benefits of Tai Chi
Improves your health
Helps relieve stress
Improves your concentration and memory
Improves flexibility and fitness
Enables you to relax

Testimonial from
Siew-Peng Crevel

"I love the idea of using my body to function as a unified unit which is what Tai Chi allows me. It stretches my physical 'me' but does not leave me feeling exhausted."

Your main instructor
Robert Agar-Hutton

"Welcome, there's a video and all my details below. However the most important thing for me to say is, please join this program so you can start to gain the benefits of Tai Chi right away. In these peculiar and uncertain times, Tai Chi will help you maintain both physical and emotional balance."

NEW!!! - FREE - Live interactive Video Training sessions 3 times a week
Click HERE to read additional notes about live sessions.
Special Offer 40% OFF - Only £11.97 a month
The current price is £19.97 but we are offering a discount - discount may stop at any time.
If you JOIN NOW, when the offer stops you will CONTINUE to pay £11.97 a month (until YOU decide to leave)
Advantages of joining our online Tai Chi Membership site.
Tai Chi is a complete solution incorporating physical exercise along with showing you how to be mentally agile and precise. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art that was originally designed for fighting. However, over hundreds of years, it was found that practicing Tai Chi seemed to have multiple other benefits. Tai Chi can give you: Improved health; Better balance; Reduced stress; Greater flexibility; Increased endurance; More energy; Improved concentration; and much much more...
...and most importantly, practicing Tai Chi is fun.
If you can go to a local Tai Chi class then that's great, but maybe you can't because of one or more of the following problems. The solution is simple, join our Tai Chi Membership site and learn online. Each of the courses contain straightforward and easy to follow written and video (lots of video) lessons that you can watch whenever you want, and watch as often as you want.
The time of the class is inconvenient.
Your online courses are available 24 hours a day, every day.
It's too far.
Your courses are only as far away as your internet connected PC or Smartphone.
I can't commit to a fixed schedule, or I'm unable to train regularly.
Train every day, or once a week, or whenever you want. It's your choice.
It's too expensive.
Membership is only £19.97 £11.97 a month (Approx: USD $14.75 or EUR €12.45), NO long term commitment.
There's things I don't like doing.
With online training, YOU are in the driving seat. Do more of the things you enjoy and less (or none) of those you don't. Of course if you want to discuss your likes, dislikes, and progress, support is just an email away.
It will be difficult to ask questions and to understand answers.
Being just an email away, we will absolutely do our best to answer your questions. In fact, often a member's question results in additional video material being added to a course to explain the student's question. So all students benefit.
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Members comments...

"I really enjoy the online Tai Chi, I find it quite interesting, it's good." - Christine Turner.

"Tai chi classes with Robert and Lee are friendly and fun. They are excellent instructors who make the challenge of learning a new discipline very enjoyable." - Lynne Simpson.

"Tai-Chi classes are fun, graceful, informative, calming but invigorating at the same time." - Linda Watts.

"I have been a 'real world'  student of Robert's for some time and have learnt so much. The only downside was trying to remember every little detail between sessions. Being able to practice at home with instruction is invaluable! Thank you Robert for setting up and producing this amazing resource." - Chris Welbourn.

(Jenni and Les Marchant)

"It's easy. It's a pretty good site to work with and I've not had any problems with it and I'm an old so-and-so." - Les Marchant.
Meet the teachers

The founder and chief instructor of the Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy is Robert Agar-Hutton. Robert is a Tai Chi instructor acknowledged by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain with the rank of a Senior Level instructor (the highest of their four instructor grades). He has been a student of Tai Chi since the late 1970s and has been an instructor since about 1993. He is regularly asked to teach Tai Chi and Self Defence at seminars in the UK, USA, and Malaysia.
He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Martial Arts and Sports Psychology from the University of Derby (Buxton Campus) which he earned after three years of full time study, as a mature student, between 2007 and 2010. This degree makes him one of only a handful of people (and probably the only Tai Chi instructor) with both practical experience and formal academic knowledge of martial arts in the UK.
Helping Robert in some of the courses, is his wife Lee.

Lee has been involved with Tai Chi since the 1990s and is an Advanced Level instructor with The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain (the third highest of their four instructor grades). She has experience of Yang and Sun styles of Tai Chi as well as having also spent a number of years practicing Karate. These days she concentrates on Tai Chi and on fitness classes at the local gym.
She is a down-to-earth teacher who rarely discusses the history of the art or the reasons 'why' - she focuses her energy on 'doing', believing that it's the actual practice that gives the benefits that we all need. However since she is Chinese (from Malaysia) she grew up understanding not only the language but a lot of the cultural heritage that is also part of Tai Chi.
Hello from Robert Agar-Hutton
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What courses are there?
Here's the list of courses. 'Live', with a blue icon , and currently in development, a pink icon . There are already plans for additional courses for you as well.
The course list shows:
1) Either the blue or pink icon and the course's name - click on the name and a new window will 'pop-up' with details of the course.
2) The number of lessons in the course.
3) The 'Month released' number, which shows how many months after becoming a member, you gain access to that course. Granting access on a 'drip feed basis' gives you a sequence to follow and allows you time to learn in a structured manner.
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Thanks to the Internet, you can train in Tai Chi wherever you are and whenever you like
Affordable at only £19.97 £11.97 a month (Approx: USD $14.75 or EUR €12.45) for as long as you WANT to stay a member
You can cancel anytime just email cancel@taichitraining.online
Support is only an email away
New courses and lessons are being added on an ongoing basis

You may like to know
Payment details:
We use 'Stripe' to handle payment processing. Stripe are a secure, internationally known and trusted payment gateway who handle billions of dollars a year. You can pay safely by Credit Card using your Visa or MasterCard. More details about Stripe can be found on their website.

Cancellation details:
Cancel anytime by emailing cancel@taichitraining.online Do so at least two working days before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the next monthly period. If we receive a cancellation request within 5 working days of a payment being made, we will refund the payment. Thereafter your membership will run to the end of that monthly period (i.e. a month after the date of payment) and membership will terminate at the period end.
Join today and start your journey to long term health
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Agar-Hutton Tai Chi Academy (A division of Winghigh Ltd)
27 Ballantyne Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 9FJ, ENGLAND.

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